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Considering backing this solely so I can walk around with drunkronswanson.gif playing in a loop on my forehead.

Exploring Barcelona this week with the intent of figuring out which neighborhood we might want to live in when we move here in a few years. Which mostly involved a detailed investigation of coffee shops, with an occasional grudging nod to other aspects like public transit or house prices.

A rather delightful Hallowe'eny easter egg in Dropbox Paper that I helped push for… We've replaced our usual placeholder text on new documents ("Give me a name" / "Now write something brilliant") with some seasonal messages. 🎃

(C is the SF referendum on a tax on businesses earning more than $50MM, to pay for more homeless services)

I don't think I've ever lost respect for a tech company quite as quickly as I have this evening seeing the intellectually dishonest "No on C" ads with Stripe's name attached in every break of the world series game.

I thought public radio pledge drives were annoying. But today my Lyft driver is tuned to a christian radio station and its pledge drive is even worse. Not even a promise of a tote bag!

Excitedly up my Apple Pay Suica card in preparation for our visit to Tokyo in a few weeks. I love that little penguin mascot so much!

I love the results of this project by the SF street artist Fnnch, working with a class of 5th graders to post honey bears around the Richmond District.

That was a great game of baseball. Whatever the outcome of that 9th inning, it was a great game. But that outcome was extra sweet. ONTO THE ALCS!

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If Google+ is shutting down, can Google Reader come back?

Oh, and a dinner/burlesque reservation at because Fuck Yeah Kawaii Monster Weirdness!

Planning for our November trip to Barcelona and Tokyo is underway, and I currently have reservations at a cumulative total of 7 Michelin Stars. (Restaurant Lasartes and Tickets in Barcelona, plus Sushi Yoshitake in Tokyo)

I am VERY MUCH looking forward to this!

Getting surgery today to have the screws and hardware removed from my elbow. Pray for Mojo

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