A rather delightful Hallowe'eny easter egg in Dropbox Paper that I helped push for… We've replaced our usual placeholder text on new documents ("Give me a name" / "Now write something brilliant") with some seasonal messages. 🎃

Excitedly up my Apple Pay Suica card in preparation for our visit to Tokyo in a few weeks. I love that little penguin mascot so much! begbie.party/media/2gHAiIZpvpV

Simpsons quote rattling around in my brain the entire time we've been in New Orleans…

WEATHER! I'd forgotten how that happened. (also how much it helps with stifling humidity.)

Oh right. New Orleans is one of those crazy non-San Francisco places where they have "weather".

Cameron Esposito delivering a killer (and insightful) XOXO keynote about creating her comedy special "Rape Jokes", so named because she wanted a survivor to have the number one result for that phrase on Google. Go donate to RAINN and watch it here: cameronesposito.com/ begbie.party/media/Ot7yI7Y0D7Q

Rewatching S2 of The Good Place, and goddamn it’s some of the smartest and funniest writing and performing.

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