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@lmorchard @zigg (also, I work at a company full of trolls who named a conference room "@here" for the lulz)

@lmorchard @zigg counterpoint: this is like getting upset that someone sent you an email. Tune your notification settings so these don’t alert you (you can configure on a channel-by-channel basis)

Considering backing this solely so I can walk around with drunkronswanson.gif playing in a loop on my forehead.

@anaulin I now ONLY interact with HN through the snark of Webshit Weekly.

Exploring Barcelona this week with the intent of figuring out which neighborhood we might want to live in when we move here in a few years. Which mostly involved a detailed investigation of coffee shops, with an occasional grudging nod to other aspects like public transit or house prices.

@annika inspired: Soaring chords available on stubhub

A rather delightful Hallowe'eny easter egg in Dropbox Paper that I helped push for… We've replaced our usual placeholder text on new documents ("Give me a name" / "Now write something brilliant") with some seasonal messages. 🎃

@Danhon I like when emails (and posts on Facebook's internal FB instance) are referred to as memos.

(C is the SF referendum on a tax on businesses earning more than $50MM, to pay for more homeless services)

I don't think I've ever lost respect for a tech company quite as quickly as I have this evening seeing the intellectually dishonest "No on C" ads with Stripe's name attached in every break of the world series game.

I thought public radio pledge drives were annoying. But today my Lyft driver is tuned to a christian radio station and its pledge drive is even worse. Not even a promise of a tote bag!

@mala We have a Yubikey emoji in work Slack which people react with whenever someone posts a 'cccc…' (Someone has also proposed we name at least one conference room in our new office with such a string!)

@anaulin Wow! That's incredibly cool. And to think, I get a rush of adrenaline just from coming CLOSE to solving a room!

Excitedly up my Apple Pay Suica card in preparation for our visit to Tokyo in a few weeks. I love that little penguin mascot so much!

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